The thing called ‘Spreadsheet Hell’ (that’s what the IT industry call it) originates from traditional spreadsheet practices that haven’t changed much since the days when spreadsheets were on paper.

The A3 Paper Mindset.

However, since at least 30 years ago, we’ve had well known sensible principles that solve the causes of ‘spreadsheet hell’. But, while they’re mainstream ideas for enterprise systems the take-up of these principles in the spreadsheet world has been somewhat lacking.

Now, here’s the good news.

These same sensible principles are also applicable in the world of spreadsheets. And here’s the even better news: they can be applied in the spreadsheet world even better!

Even better? Because the principles can be applied now, by ourselves, with no capital expenditure, in an agile (that means ‘flexible’) manner, and can be continuously improved. By you, me, us.

By Friday!

What are these amazing game-changing principles?

  • Separating the data from the presentation/logic/user-interface (aka. 2-tier architecture)
  • Thus making collaborative data sharable. Avoiding duplication.
  • Thinking of the whole of the workflow, instead of a single-user spreadsheet task. (Cross-functional productivity)
  • Reducing the number of user-interactions. (‘Contactless’)
  • Reach, security, future-proofing, scalability …..

Need proof?

The video on Monthly Roll Forward of Forecasts in a good one to watch. [TBA]

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