When spreadsheets are perceived negatively, it devalues the entire Excel eco-system.

The common problems we have with current spreadsheet practice were solved, in principle, years ago. Technologically, intellectually and philosophically. But nobody noticed?

Some of this is common sense. Some are technological innovations we should know about, at least by now.

In this article, I shall address all of them. It could take a while!

Watch this space. I shall expand on these headings. There’ll be more …

  • Client-server (or 2-tier) architecture.
  • What cloud means
  • Hard coding vs data-driven
  • ‘Data can only live on a physical medium’ mindset
  • Everything that comes from the ‘Old A3 Paper’ paradigm mindset
  • What collaborative data process means (the car factory sketch)
  • Contactless, and ‘Business @ The Speed of Thought’ Bill Gates

Hiran de Silva

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