I’m following Laurentz’s article. This is going to be interesting. (25/11/2019)


I’ve kicked it off like this:

There’s a presumption that ‘sharable’ means sharable like Google Sheets, and sharing on One Drive.

When the Wall Street Journal story in November 2017 make the Excelosphere go crazy (!) none of the comments pointed out this distinction (to my knowledge, and I read all the comments at the time). Even the spokesman for Microsoft was defending Excel within this narrow meaning of ‘sharable’ – eg. co-authoring features.

Ok, a bit of Mea Culpa here. I have promised a video to explain the difference, and the significance of the difference. Haven’t done it. I’ll get to it, hopefully before Christmas 🙂

It gets better, or more confusing …

Now it turns out that, by ‘sharing spreadsheets’ in that article the author means ‘creating spreadsheets for others to use’.

Doh! Doh! Doh!

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