You get ONTO a tube train, and you GET OFF at your destination. Right?

But instead, imagine you had to get off at EACH STOP, WITH your luggage, had to come out and buy ANOTHER ticket, and get on the NEXT train, AT EACH STOP?

That’s CRAZY. Right?

THIS is what’ll happen if EACH of these sections, were RUN by DIFFERENT companies.

Crazy? Yes!

But that’s EXACTLY what we do in the office, isn’t it? We behave as if the work we do (on SPREADSHEETS for example) is just OUR work. We FORGET that we’re in a LARGER process, that FLOWS THROUGH MANY people, in MANY departments.

UNITED STATES – CIRCA 1960s: Office paper trays, In tray overflowing, Out tray with smaller pile. (Photo by H. Armstrong Roberts/Retrofile/Getty Images)

When did this start?

DECADES ago! When we had an INBOX and an OUTBOX on our desk.

Today we DON’T need to do that. We can ALL collaborate on the process that we’re part of.


We DON’T need to email spreadsheets, to anybody.

I’ve explained this in my video called CONTACTLESS.


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