Where do you dig?

Imagine you’re in the American Wild West in the 1800s. You’re prospecting for gold.

The basic tools that you’d use are a shovel, a pick axe and a pan.

Today, the tool that we use in our work is Excel.

Just like the prospector needs to know how do use the shovel, the pick axe, and the pan, we have tons of books and training courses that teaches how to use our tool Excel. And most of you are pretty good at it. But …

“To prospect for gold, the tools are not enough. You also need a map that tells you where the gold is”

In fact the map is more sought after than the shovel. This is why, in the old Westerns, the Good the Bad and the Ugly fight over the map – not the shovel!

So, Reimagine Excel, is a campaign to encourage you to learn about the map. Meaning, where can you make the greatest impact, add the most value, in your workplace with your Excel skills.

And to encourage you to learn some essential techniques with Excel that’s relevant to this adventure that may be new to you. (That could be an atomic-powered shovel in the gold rush)

But it’s not just a map – it’s a blueprint. A path to finding where you can create the most value in your organisation, or any organisation. With the minimum effort.

So it’s about a map that leads to you to the gold – and about getting the gold out with little fuss.

When you create value your boss will be happy, his boss will be happy, and they’ll both be happy with you.

That’s when you Reimagine Excel.

Hiran de Silva

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