(With apologies to ‘Have Gun – Will Travel’. I think is was a 60s Western TV series?)

There are thousands of YouTube walkthroughs that are a gold mine of knowledge, if you know what you’re looking for.

There is nothing to teach you what you ‘want to want’. What you want is assumed to be what the teacher wants to teach.

In professional exam it is different.

In a professional exam (in accounting, for example, and even in medicine) you are given a set of circumstances, some facts, and asked to solve it. Often you have to figure out what result is needed – because figuring out and evaluating ‘what is the desired result’ may also be part of the test. Then you have to identify what other information is needed that’s not given in the question.

You may be asked to identify, compare and contrast the alternatives. You may have to explain why you chose the alternative that you chose.


The IKEA instructions will show you a step-by-step of how to put together that KALLAX shelving. That won’t help you become a master carpenter. Or any type of carpenter.

You can’t put ‘carpenter’ on your CV/Resume just ‘cos you successfully assembled an IKEA shelf.

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