I live in London. A group of nice American tourists stopped me in the street to ask me how they could get to St Paul’s Cathedral. They had a map of the London Underground.

[Tube Map around St Paul’s]

They could see two possible routes from where we were, which was right opposite Blackfriars Station. The one going west on the Circle and District Line, and up Northern Line to Tottenham Court Road, and then going east on the Circle Line to St Paul’s. Or the route going east on the Circle Line to Liverpool Street and then west on the Circle Line.

From the map of the Underground it looks like the latter is the shorter route. But they wanted to check, to be sure.

I told them, as a Londoner, “I can show you a shorter and quicker and cheaper route’.

“See? If you go that way” I pointed north up Blackfriars Road, “Walk for about 5 minutes, look right, and by magic St Paul’s Cathedral will appear just there in front of you”.

They laughed, thanked me, and went on their way.

[Street Map]

But, the thing is, if the tourists had insisted that they MUST take the Underground train, they will have ignored my magical revelation. However, why would they want to take the Underground train the long way round if their intended destination is ‘just there, just a few steps away’?

The Excel connection?

We do this with Excel all the time!!!

It’s not surprising, because the internet is full of videos showing you how to take the long way round, when there’s a solution just a step away. (I demonstrate some of these here)

I’m going to create a video of how to go round the two routes to St Paul’s from Blackfriars, and a third one showing you how to walk to it. LOL.


(Ok, maybe the ones on the tube may be audio recordings. I don’t want funny looks from other passengers!)



(Take a YT video at random?)

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