“We should be fixing the process, and then fixing the spreadsheets to work in the process”

Tony Wong’s insightful statement when we met for lunch at Spaghetti House, meeting after twenty years. Tony moved to Sydney. We worked together at Edexcel, now part of Pearsons Education.

It’s a bit like the old expression ‘rearranging the deck chairs of the Titanic’.

If one took the bigger picture, the objective of the voyage was … to arrive in New York safely.

The bigger picture will have seen the potential obstacles in the shape of icebergs.

A smaller picture will see the deck chairs as a priority. And what about those flowerpots that need watering?

If you were to take the bigger picture of your accounting processes, what obstacles would you see?

What obstacles would you LIKE TO NOTICE before they leap up at you?
And when is the next month end?

Hiran de Silva

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