It is a presentation? a training session? or a workshop?

It’s all three 🙂

It is also … entertainment and love in!

You can come in hippie gear, or not.

Bring your laptop with internet connection, or you can connect via our WiFi. The happenings happen both in the room, and in the Cloud. There will be participants interacting through Excel from all over the world.

However, even if you don’t have a laptop at the happening you will still be able to join in. Share. It’s a love in. Free love!

Current Topics

Excel Adventures in the Cloud I, II, and III

  1. Friends
  2. Fantasy Band
  3. Excel ‘Contactless’

How To Get Your Boss Promoted – using Excel!

Celebrity Chef Spreadsheet Challenge – The Gordon Ramsay Solution

A model for Jim Bell (P.F.Chang’s) at 30,000 feet


Microsoft Reactor, 70 Wilson Street, London EC2 2DB



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