This is a webinar with a difference. You will be part of the show.

What you will do on your Excel spreadsheet during these sessions is an integral part of what you will learn. You will have some new and unusual Excel experiences collectively with the other participants.

No special Add-Ins are used. Just your ordinary Excel; a blank Excel workbook is where we’ll play. This is so that you can see that all the magic you experience on these happenings you can recreate in your own work right now – on the Excel you already have, and not necessarily the latest version either!

Love & Peace.

Current topics

Spreadsheet Sharing – the NHS demo

Get and Put – where it all begins. An online introduction

Gordon Ramsay Research Challenge

Beatles Jam – a fiendishly tough modelling challenge

Friends Expenses – managing current accounts

Stationery Stock Management – a lesson in double-entry, and how to spot Re-engineering Opportunities

How to increase your value with Excel: 4 Inspiring Stories

The Jim Bell Consolidation Model

Excel Macros for Babies

Excel Bites – a random selection of hors d’ourves (eg. Green Triangle)

Monthly Roll Forward – how to avoid minor surgery

Triggers in Excel, Google Sheets, Excel on the Web compared

The Dirty Dozen and how to discover them

The Magnificent Seven – driving out the raiders! (One Small Step for a Spreadsheet …)

Excel – understanding the Kick Ass Zone (fools to the right of me, and the fried egg)

What we can learn from Elon Musk. Bill Jelen 2316

Donald Trump Birthday Challenge

How I Trippled My Pay Rate with ‘Power Query’!

Cruise Liner Co – when the best is better than the best

Strategic Thinking in Creating Spreadsheets – the missing bit in the middle

Dynamic Spreadsheets – Sunday Volunteers example

Excel Explained Series – exerpts from the series (OLAP, Integration and Disintegration, Digital for accountants, Accounting for Excel people etc)

Extending the Computergaga Challenge – the reality of scaling up spreadsheets

My Favourite Rants!

Spreadsheet Risk – how to be less afraid (replicated formulas demo, and others)

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