NOTE! These pre-pandemic courses now return in 2022 online. The good news is, the teaching points are better explained and learned online. As you’ll see.

Public Workshops (3 days)

Hands-On. Maximum of 11 delegates.

Delegates will bring their own PC laptops and connect to the instructor’s wifi. The lab exercises teach collaborative working, where all the delegates will work with the same centrally-accessible data, but on separate individual spreadsheets. Unlike standard BI (ie. end-of-process reporting only) the course content covers updating data on individual spreadsheets that influence several disparate spreadsheet models of the other delegates, without links or sending spreadsheets to each other.

Content includes, how to make existing spreadsheets future-proof and scalable.

Location: London, £TBA per delegate. (£TBA student concessions)

Dates: TBA.

In-House Roadshow (1.5 hours)

An introduction to the above, on client premises. Delegates will learn how the solutions in the series From WTF to OMG! work, so that they can apply the principles themselves to existing messy spreadsheets. The concepts are taught collaboratively on delegates own laptops on a local (instructor’s) wifi. Unlimited client staff.

London only. £250 per session + vat

Celebrity Chef Spreadsheet Challenge – How To

This training course is a step-by-step on the author’s solution to the above challenge. Duration 1.5 hours plus additional supplementary content.


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ExcelOMG! – Basic and Pro Training

Online: Comprehensive training course on the basics of the methodologies – fundamentals and as applied to specific scenarios. eg. Annual Budgeting, Rolling Forecasts.

Price and availability TBA