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This video is a ‘pilot’ in a series called Reimagine Excel: From WTF to OMG!

Even after more than 30 years, why do we still do things the hard way … when we don’t have to?

There are simpler and better ways of ‘doing spreadsheets’ with Microsoft Excel”

This series looks at the 12 that present the greatest opportunity for productivity, which I call The Dirty Dozen. I show you how and why we don’t need to do it the hard way. They include, the problems with Sharing Workbooks, and the nightmare of ‘rolling forward forecast spreadsheets’ at month-end, and many other messy and seemingly insoluble bottle-necks we encounter (and endure!) each month in the monthly accounting process.

This video looks at the age-old practice of consolidating spreadsheets with thousands of external links (often referred to as pyramids of spreadsheets). I recently came across a whitepaper by AccountsIQ that assumes that spreadsheets take ‘a week’ to consolidate. Do they?! In my video I demonstrate that it should take a few seconds – with the Excel you already have.

Please email me any feedback (or use the Comment box below). Suggestions of any kind are welcome, even if it’s to get Brad Pitt to do the presenting!



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  • Hi Hiran, excellent insight for the consolidation. How may I access the training? I live in the caribbean.