I’m Hiran de Silva. An expert in FUTURE-PROOFING SPREADSHEETS, and author of a training program on this. And blogger, but that’s self evident.

Why future-proof spreadsheets?

99% of spreadsheets in organisations are created without considering the needs of the future. This creates a lot of mess and risk for the organisation, as users try to compensate either manually – or by unnecessarily adding new complexity.

How do you future-proof?

By making spreadsheets data-driven. Instead of ‘hard-coded’. This means, the logic and layout and the user-interface are driven by the data that you can easily change.

What is the key thing here?

We have to think a little differently. It means separating the data from the spreadsheet, and making it accessible centrally from many spreadsheets, by many people in the organisation. This is much easier than it sounds.

Where can we learn more?

On my website ‘Reimagine Excel’. (www.reimagineexcel.com). Chances are you’re already here!

How can companies implement these fabulous ideas?

There are in-person workshops, and a mentoring program for both organisations and individuals.

Or invite me in for a 90 minute live and interactive fast-track learning session, at your company.

Special introductory rate £199 + VAT

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