Back in the day …

When I was in industry in the 1980s in the role of Management Accountant/Financial Controller, the only personal computer in the organisation was on my desk. (That is, except the secretaries who had word-processing tasks for the other managers).

Reports, data, analysis that were inputs to my work, all came to me – usually on paper – and I imported them into my models and spreadsheets to do my job.

My whole work was organised as single-user. There was no other concept of how work worked! Intray and Outtray. The idea of ‘process’ was the realm of the enterprise systems, the line-of-business systems, the stuff that was mostly outside our control in setting-up.

The world has moved on

Now, we have a personal computer on every desk. Business process and information process, the workflow that people engage in all pass through the computers that’s on each desk. We choose (are required to choose) how we organise our work.

Process. Process. Process.

Why then are we still organising our work as would a ‘single-user’?

For a start, why are we still emailing spreadsheets to each other?

We don’t need to anymore. Need some insight into this? See the Fantasy Band demo.

Hiran de Silva

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