Why look to automating routine tasks?

  • Bottlenecks. When 2 days’ work need to be completed in 2 hours! This is true at month end. Heaps of work need to be done, and checked to be correct in a short space of time.
  • By eliminating the 80% of the work that’s unnecessary we can focus on the 20% that’s both necessary and needs our attention.
  • Risk, in general, is directly proportional to the amount of interaction/instances/incidents. This is true of working with spreadsheets, as any other area of human interaction. So, the fewer the manual interactions the fewer the errors. (Contactless)
  • Automation can include automated self-checking. Exceptions can be reported for further investigation, early.
  • Easier to document, because the same path will be taken each time in a carefully considered process design; rather than a user manually making it up as he goes along.

Hiran de Silva

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