I was reminded by Willem Gerritsen on this article from 2014, hosted by Oz du Soleil.

Where are Excel & Google Spreadsheet Headed? Part 2 of 6

Quite apart from being on the same page as Bill Jelen, on even in the same sentence (!), I’m pleased to find that I must have been quite clever then. Five years on, there’s some truth in what I seem to have written 🙂

The comments are interesting too.

But there’s a pattern here. And that’s really the raison d’etre of Reimagine Excel.

Notice that none of the comments mention the ‘Cloud Idea’ that we can leverage with (just normal) Excel. Which is also reflected in the comments on the now-infamous article in the Wall Street Journal in November 2017.

In over 400 comments, nobody mentioned that the ‘Cloud Idea’ is quite central to Excel … long before ‘Cloud’ was even a thing!

I was rather disappointed that even the spokesman for Microsoft was talking about Co Authoring in defense of Excel.

Co-Authoring does not address the point raised in the article. But, sharing the same data among many spreadsheets does.

Following the WSJ article I made a model to demonstrate. I called it the Jim Bell Demonstration. You’ll see it in some of my videos (Links to come). The model itself was supposed to be for Jim Bell of PF Chang restaurants (mentioned in the WSJ article).

Jim’s point was, that he likes to update his forecasts when up at 35,000 feet traveling by air.

My Jim Bell Excel Forecasting Model (specially cooked for him in under an hour) also can be updated at 35,000 feet! And simultaneously updated by his 400+ restaurants, on the ground or in a submarine or the International Space Station – as long as they have an internet connection.

It’s also mentioned in my long awaited rant video ‘War of the Alt-Excel‘. It’s still cooking, but I’ll post a preview here soon.

Yum. All this food related references makes me want to go out for a Chinese meal tonight.

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