If you find that motorists are routinely swerving to avoid a collision, thereby hitting lamp posts and pedestrians, it is not unreasonable to ask – why don’t they use the brakes?

Research shows that most spreadsheets are created as a short-term fix.

So, our spreadsheet-based processes can’t easily cope with the needs of next week, next month. Or when our spreadsheet becomes part of a larger information process, as they will at some stage. A titanic mess ensues.

Then users try to compensate with manual steps, or by introducing more complexity.

It is easier to adopt future-proof and scalable techniques when creating a new Excel spreadsheet.

It is easier to transform a non-future-proofed spreadsheet with Excel, than to endure the risks and hassles we routinely have.

Why don’t we?

What future-proofing techniques do you know?

Hiran de Silva

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