If the 25 year journey of VBA in Excel is anything to go by, only a select minority will leverage this awesome new direction Microsoft is taking.

Office Script is coming soon to an Excel near you. But we need to get ready.


Because if you’re not already creating useful solutions with the programming already available in Excel then it is unlikely that Office Script will feature much in your work and aspirations.

My advice? Get into bed with the concepts now. We can (you can) already connect Excel with external data, on your corporate network, on cloud services.

See my Friends Expenses Demo here. And download and play with it. Follow the step-by-step to create your own.

If you’re impressed with your efforts you will be excited at the coming of Office Script. That’s when you will be able to do the same (that you’re doing with Excel on a pc) with Excel on tablets, on Macs and other devices. And you will be awesome!

Hiran de Silva

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