The truth (or the answer) is out there. But we don’t know where to look for it, how to look for it, or whether we have found it because we don’t know how to recognise it when it appears.

Actually, everything in the EXCEL CONTACTLESS PLAYBOOK is out there. But sourcing the code and techniques by yourself is impractical to most Excel uses because we don’t know what to ask Google. And then to R&D. That would take several years.

The closest I have found to the PLAYBOOK is the book by Stephen Bullen et al (since 2002), and Chip Pearson’s site (sadly tragically passed away April 2018, but the site is kept available by his family).

The PLAYBOOK is a distilling of how I used these resources in solving the accounting process problems I had the pleasure of solving in my professional travels. (it all started with Bob Umlas in a 1997 book, so I must mention him also, and Tom Ogilvy, Mirna Larson …. ). In the PLAYBOOK I put in a form that can be reused by others. You, that is.

Hiran de Silva

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