Yesterday I had several illuminating insights at the Model Off awards ceremony at Microsoft headquarters in London. This is one of them.

Have you noticed? Many presentations on tech are like the British boy band ‘One Direction’. Clearly, the presenter knows his subject. Certainly, he knows more than the audience does. The talk is wholly in one direction.

The audience acquires awareness of the topic.

It’s like a lovely breeze than blows past you. It’s non-threatening. It may wake you up to new things.

But being aware of something new is very different to the wisdom you acquire when you experience something new.

That’s why I can’t find myself simply talking and showing what I know. I can do that in my blog. Like now. But, we can be more effective in a live event, when we want to. If we want to .

Excel Happenings

So, in the coming months, I’ll be hosting some events that are a little different. I shall call them Excel Happenings. (OK, I’m one of the few people who remembers the 60s!)

You will bring your laptop. You will participate, because what I have to show you involves many people. It’s an orgy. A love in. It’s the difference between a multi-participatory Roman Orgy and ‘an individual sexual experience performed privately by one’.

You will experience for yourself, by playing with others through Excel spreadsheets, stuff you never knew possible on spreadsheets. Stuff that will actually make a difference in your workplace (and boost your career).

Come to the Cabaret. Come to the Happenings!

From a blog title covered by Seth Godin in his daily blog today.

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