Whenever I demonstrate a powerful idea that usually has ALREADY made a huge difference in an organisation, there’s always somebody who’s coming from some other place – and going to some other place.

I get interjections like ‘have you tried QlikView? I’ve heard some good things about it’. And ‘why not use SharePoint?’

Here’s an example. My client had a budgeting and forecasting model with Excel. All they needed to do is update their numbers as normal, but instead of sending the spreadsheets back – there are nearly 500 of these in the group – they simply need to click this button SAVE. (the methodology explained here)

For the process manager to keep track of progress we have this (TBA Image). In this InCell Dropdown we have 3 states. (1) Not yet started (2) In progress and (3) Completed. The budget holders select the state and click SAVE. Simple.

On the process managers spreadsheet, this one, when they click Refresh they can see exactly where everyone is. [TBA image]

No emailing of state of completion. No external links. All done there and then, on the spreadsheet that they are working on. So simple.

But that doesn’t stop people asking, ‘have you seen QlikView’? Or why not use SharePoint? And now I get asked ‘can’t you use Teams’?

If you’re already in the elevator it’s easier to press the button for the floor that you want. It is pointless to order a helicopter to take you from Level 12 to Level 36.

(I’m clearly having a helicopter fixation this week!)

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