Since there’re tons of Excel courses online and in-classroom training, does the business world really need any more?

To use Excel you need to know how to use it 🙂

Obviously! Almost every book and course out there does an excellent job teaching how to use Excel, and about its new powerful features.

In Reimagine Excel and the EXCEL ‘CONTACTLESS’ PLAYBOOK’ I have a different purpose and perspective.

My focus is the information processes in which Excel spreadsheets are used.

Why is this important or even relevant?

The blocks and bottlenecks in spreadsheet-processes in organisations is well documented. See my Dirty Dozen here (Excel: From WTF to OMG!) Or Google ‘spreadsheet hell’, ‘spreadsheet risk’ …

These glitches can be eliminated with Excel itself; by thinking of the wider picture. Thinking like how management would see it. See my Cruise Liner Co illustration here. From this video you will see how an individual spreadsheet user sets up a spreadsheet for a common task, and in contrast, how management would prefer it setup.

Quite different results.

So, the ideas on my blogs and the strategies in the PLAYBOOK are for increasing productivity of entire processes. Company-wide.

It’s about workflow. That means people and what they do.

It’s about adding value by making other people more productive.

The audience is (1) management, but more likely, (2) those intermediate power-users who intend to work with management in making productivity happen, to add value.

I used one of my crazy illustrations to describe it here – Mining the REAL value of Excel.

The examples and Case Studies are from my own consulting experience.

Hiran de Silva

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