In this video I get a lot of messages asking how I update a table from the spreadsheet. You can see this @5:02 of the video.

(Note: the video is about Spreadsheet Risk Prevention, so it’s worth watching from the beginning)

As you’ll see, when a cell is updated it is highlighted, as is a Save button. A back end table is then updated when the user clicks Save.

The questions come from those who are familiar with Get and Transform (the powerful new feature in Excel, formerly known as PowerQuery). With Get and Transform you can’t update the data model, hence the question.

In my demonstration model, I’m not using Get and Transform. I use a simpler way to get data from, and update, a back-end table. Therefore, I am not constrained by the limits of any high-level wizard-like interface.

This may be news to some. When we connect to a table and perform any actions on that table we can do all of the 4 basic things. That is, By default.

  • Read what’s there
  • Add new rows
  • Update existing rows
  • Delete specific rows

I have a FREE tool here where you can learn and practice how to do this from a sheet. TBA

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