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Sex used to be an activity for two (or more) people. Although a lesser number of people enjoyed sex as an individual activity.

But since the coming of the internet (no pun intended) that demography (I’m guessing) has changed.

We have always had accounting and business workflow. Even when spreadsheets were on paper. Spreadsheets like Excel made that easier and businesses gained more productivity.

Workflow is a process. It involves many people.

But in the past ten years or so, spreadsheet has become more of an individual activity. Evidence? Just have a look at all the books and training courses, and the how to videos on YouTube. They all show you what you can do with Excel as an individual, rather than how to make your Excel spreadsheet work within a process.

Consequently, the average spreadsheet user considers spreadsheets as an individual tool, rather than ‘a platform on which a process is facilitated’.

The process has been broken up into individual silos. It is no longer ‘a process’.

I expanded on this on The Circle Line sketch.

(What’s this preoccupation with the London Underground, Hiran?)

The opportunity now lies in bringing back The Process. Accounting process, HR process etc.

Hiran de Silva

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